Get Involved

volunteer with kids at an event


Volunteers are a big part of making Tocando possible.  Whether they are helping with snack-time, classroom management, maintaining orderly procedures during concert times, showing love and support to students or simply offering hands for carrying “stuff”, volunteers are one of Tocando’s most valued assets.

As we begin a new season volunteers are needed to assist with snack time and recess at the downtown Hart Elementary location M-TH 3:00pm – 4:00pm and with classroom assistance 4:00pm – 5:30pm. 

Join Our Staff

Quality teaching artists and maintaining a low student:teacher ratio are the keys to Tocando’s success.  If you are an accomplished musician, or a music student growing your skills consider a part-time position with Tocando.  You will receive hands-on instruction in teaching, meet some of the most wonderful children around and be part of changing their lives and that of their families. Paid and apprenticeship positions are available.

Donate An Instrument

Musical instruments are the life-blood of Tocando.  Most of our students begin the program in 3rd grade.  As students mature during their time at Tocando they required increasingly larger instruments to accommodate their growing and changing bodies.  Did you know that one student may require up to three different sized instruments throughout their years in the program?  Because of this Tocando is extremely appreciative of instrument donations from the community.

If you have an instrument that is longing to be in the hands of a child, playing music again, please consider donating it for one of our young musicians!

Fill out the form below to arrange for your donation to be picked up.  The value of your instrument donation will be fully tax-deductible.

Donate Funds

Tocando Music Project is and has always been presented to students at no charge.  We believe that everyone who has the desire to learn an instrument should be able to do so.  We are committed to lifting the financial burden of instruction and instruments off of the families.  However, we can only do so with the help of our community who shares the same dedication and commitment to the next generation.

You’ve no doubt heard, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  We invite you to be part of the Tocando village surrounding these young musicians as they work to develop a pathway for their future.  No gift is too small when they all come together.  Thank you for becoming a part of Team Tocando through your tax-deductible gift.


No, students only need a desire to learn and play music.  Students will learn how to hold and care for an instrument, basic rhythms and tunes, basic musical notes and to love making music, all in a very short time. 

Students attend classes in their school attire and are provided Tocando T-Shirts to be worn during performances and events.

Yes, transportation is provided to and from their school locations to concerts and any off-campus activities. 

Tocando is proud to have a bilingual curriculum. All students are welcome to engage and express themselves in the language that is most comfortable for them.

El programa Tocando se enorgullece de enseñar en formato bilingüe. Todos los estudiantes pueden participar y expresarse en el idioma que les resulte más cómodo.

Students at Hart Elementary, Guillen Middle School, Bowie High School, and Tornillo schools are welcome to join our program throughout the year. Students in 3rd grade and above from other schools are welcome to join if they are able to provide their own transportation to and from our teaching sites.

Tocando is entirely free to enrolled students.  We do expect consistent attendance and an attitude from learning!

Tocando provides string instruments free of charge to students enrolled for more than one month. We teach all students how to care for their instruments and how to create beautiful music.

Volunteers are welcomed and needed at each of the Tocando programming locations.  Volunteers assist with supervising after-school snack and recess time, classroom management and as chaperones on field-trips, activities and concerts.  Volunteers can send an email to to get started.